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Chery Will Develop 5 Models Based on T1X Platform

T1X Platform Composed of Major Subsystems

6D/3R Body Structure
More Reliable

2nd Bosch EPS
More Accurate

Independent Suspension
More Smooth

Turbo Engine
More Powerful

Excellent HAVC
More Comfortable

2nd Cloud Drive
More Intelligent

Excellent Body Structure Design for Crash

6D Longitudinal Beam Frame Structure

3R-Body Structure

Frontal 40% overlap deformable barrier impact at 64km/h

Side moving deformable barrier impact at 50km/h

Frontal 100 overlap non deformable barrier impact at 50km/h

Excellent Fuel Economy

Intelligent Vehicle Connectivity

Vehicle Performance Target Breakdown

*L-Leader A-Advanced C-Competitive M-Basic requirements



The M1X platform is Chery's first car platform to adhere to a
V-shaped positive development process,combining Jaguar Land
Rover and Qoros technologies.Thank for years of effort made to
Chery's international development platform

The M1X platform possesses two core competitive advantages which have achieved exceptional performance in vehicle comfort,safety and economy.It will become Chery's "new weapon"in the face of fierce market competition.

Performance data reveals that the M1X platform is more advanced than that of competing brands. Of the platforms with the same wheelbase, the products from the M1X platform have better head space in both the front and rear seat rows, and higher ground clearance. More space ensures better occupant capacity.

In addition,the M1X platform has first-class advantages in soft bandwidth.Providing variable dimensions,it functions as the platform for 5-seat and 7-seat models width wheelbase ranging between 2650mm and 2800mm, ground clearance between 120mm and 130mm and sitting space between 863mm and 945mm. The vehicle design is more flexible with stronger derivative ability,thus being recognized as a world-leading platform.